hexannotation 0.35.0

Utilities for reading and writing metadata

Released 2018-02-19.

To install, run:

haxelib install hexannotation 0.35.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

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Utilities for reading and writing class metadata

Find more information about hexMachina on hexmachina.org



  • Read metadata at compile time.
  • Handles inheritance chain.
  • Read properties and methods signatures (to be used by DI frameworks).
  • Use hexReflection to export annotated (@Inject, @PostConstruct", @Optional, @PreDestroy) members information (essentially reflection data) to a static field instance.
  • Generates logging statements based on method annotations
  • More info here
  • Replaces expressions in annotations with their respective values
  • More info here

Simple example

To generate a class description at compile-time, implement IInjectorContainer and add annotations on the members that you want to produce reflection.

class MockClassInjectee implements IInjectorContainer
	@Inject( "id" )
	public var property : String;
	//property informations will be stored
	@Inject( "id" )
	public function new( arg : Int ) 
		//constructor informations will be stored
	public function doSomething() : Void
		//this method will be ignored
	@PostConstruct( 1 )
	public function doSomething() : Void
		//this method description will be stored as well

To get your reflection data at runtime, use FastClassDescriptionProvider like shown below.

var provider = new FastClassDescriptionProvider();
var description = provider.getClassDescription( MockClassInjectee );