HaxeVx is your ultimate library for coding VueJS/Vuex in the Haxe language

To install, run:

haxelib install haxevx 0.7.2 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.



HaxeVX - Haxe-powered VueJS/Vuex development

Type-safe coding to target Vuex/VueJS environments using Haxe compile-time Macros and Classes.

With HaxeVx, you get the benefit of massive access-control/type-hinting/type-checking/compile-time safety, etc. inherant within Haxe when developing your VueJS/Vuex stuff. Compile-time mixins/macros/checks are provided specifically for your Haxe classes to ensure they conform to the necessary VueJS conventions.

Overview of features:

  • Automatic mixing-in of typed Props and Data (classes/typedefs) fields into your Vue instance with full type-safety during development. eg. class MyComponent extends VComponent<DataType, PropType>. Unlike regular VueJS, mixed-in fields in HaxeVx can be accessed locally within your Vue instance class definition with full strict-typing. Thus, if Props+Data fields conflict in name-clashes, the compiler will know it

  • Unlike Typescript decorators that execute at run-time, all HaxeVx metadata (if any), in components, are compile-time-only metadata used to facilitate pre-generation of initialization code. There is no further iteration processing done at runtime beyond calling a single automatically-called internal macro-generated function that exposes all pre-compiled component options to Vue already. So, based on the class you write (props/data-types/functions, etc.), the necessary Vue-related initialization options will automatically be pre-generated for you already.

  • Fully strict typed access on $data reference as well.

  • Comprehensive Vue-specific compile time type/reference/convention checking is involved in the macro compile process (eg. ensuring any watcher field links are spelled-correctly to an existing computed/data/prop field in the Vue instance, ensuring your Vue component prop fields are non-public, etc.). Because of the static typed approach of Haxe-Vx, a lot fo things can be pre-checked at compile-time.

  • Vuex: A library/scheme in Haxe specially tailored for Vuex as well, that provides fully type-safe commit/dispatch payloads without having to manage any strings/string-constants or namespacings. This results in fewer errors and reduced boilerplate in linking up your actions/mutations/getters.

Here is a guide/spec of features that are supported in HaxeVx for Vue. https://github.com/Glidias/haxevx/wiki/Vue---HaxeVX-Draft-version-guide

Roadmap can be found here


This was developed under Haxe version 3.3.0.

10 months ago

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