futurize 1.0.1

Transform js-style callbacks into tink_core Futures

Released 2016-05-26.

To install, run:

haxelib install futurize 1.0.1

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.0.1
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Transform js-style callbacks into tink_core Futures.


class AnyClass {
	public anyFunction() {
		var future = @:futurize functionWithJsStyleCallback($cb);
		future.handle(function(o) trace(o));
		// or without a future variable
		@:futurize functionWithJsStyleCallback($cb).handle(function(o) trace(o));
	function functionWithJsStyleCallback(cb:String->String->Void) {
		cb('Error', null);

Placeholders: - $cb0: callback that returns no data, i.e. function(err) {}. Transforms into a Surprise<Error, Noise> - $cb or $cb1: callback that returns one data, i.e. function(err, data) {}. Transforms into a Surprise<Error, T> - $cb2: callback that returns two data, i.e. function(err, data1, data2) {}. Transforms into a Surprise<Error, Pair<T1, T2>>

Custom handlers

@:build(futurize.Futurize.build(":futurize"), MyHandler)

class MyHandler {
	public static inline function cb0(e)
		return e == null ? Success(Noise) : Failure(e);
	public static inline function cb1(e, d)
		return e == null ? Success(d) : Failure(e);
	public static inline function cb2(e, d1, d2)
		return e == null ? Success(new Pair(d1, d2)) : Failure(e);