Simple Haxe Macro Helpers that let you do or get things at compile-time.

Version Release Notes Install Downloads
1 year ago
Fix package matching (See issue #8). Allow typedef of TInst in getAllClasses(). Added git sha embedding. Re-engineer CompileTime.getAllClasses() to compile faster. Thanks to @kevinresol, @dionjwa and @chipshort for pull requests and bug reports. haxelib install compiletime 2.7.0 16288
2 years ago
Add `CompileTime.parseYamlFile()` if compiled with the `yaml` haxelib haxelib install compiletime 2.6.0 17837
3 years ago
Fix to type signiature for CompileTime.getAllClasses()` haxelib install compiletime 2.5.1 3211
4 years ago
Add `var html:String = CompileTime.readMarkdownFile(;` haxelib install compiletime 2.5.0 376
4 years ago
Bug fix: When CompileTime.getAllClasses() does not match any classes, return an empty list, not a list with a `null` item. haxelib install compiletime 2.4.1 97
4 years ago
When getting classes that match a base class or interface, return a typed list. haxelib install compiletime 2.4.0 60
4 years ago
Allow getting classes that implement a certain interface. Also add files loaded via macros to `Context.registerModuleDependency` so they are watched by the compiler cache. haxelib install compiletime 2.3.0 2
4 years ago
Fix for flash target. haxelib install compiletime 2.2.1 216
4 years ago
Added CompileTime.interpolateFile('someFile.txt'), that is the same as using single quote string interpolation. It's a poor man's templating engine. haxelib install compiletime 2.2.0 209
4 years ago
Minor bug fix release. haxelib install compiletime 2.1.1 31
5 years ago
Added `readJsonFile` and `parseJsonFile`. readJsonFile file loads it as a String, but validates that it is valid Json. parseJsonFile parses it into an object, and checks that the type of the resulting object is correct with what you are requesting. haxelib install compiletime 2.1.0 43
5 years ago
Version bump for haxe3 compatibility. Breaks compatibility with Haxe2 probably haxelib install compiletime 2.0.0 9

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