codegen 1.3.2

A macro tool to generate haxe and none-haxe codes from existing haxe source codes.

Released 2016-12-16.

To install, run:

haxelib install codegen 1.3.2

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version1.3.2
StatisticsInstalled 45 times
Tags js, macro, ts, typescript


A macro tool to generate codes (haxe and none-haxe) from existing haxe source codes.

Useful if you want to split your project into several separate-compiled parts and you want to have common api (extern classes).


Compile your project with -lib codegen and one of the generation macro:

  • --macro "CodeGen.haxeExtern(outPath,?applyNatives,?topLevelPackage,?filterFile,?mapperFile)" - generate haxe extern classes like haxe compiler '--gen-hx-classes' option;
  • --macro "CodeGen.typescriptExtern(outPath,?topLevelPackage,?filterFile,?mapperFile)" - generate typescript extern classes.

Other arguments details:

  • outPath - path to output directory (for haxeExtern) or output file (for typescriptExtern);
  • applyNatives - are resolve @:native metas (default is false for haxeExtern and always is true for typescriptExtern);
  • topLevelPackage - a simple way to filter generated types (specify '' to not exclude any packages);
  • filterFile - path to a text file with lines prefixed with "+" to include or "-" to exclude specified package/type (one per line);
  • mapperFile - path to a text file with lines in 'FromType => ToType' format (use to map types).

Private and marked with @:noapi meta types/fields are ignored.


haxe -lib mylib -cp src -main Main -js dummy.js -lib codegen --macro "CodeGen.haxeExtern('hxclasses','','myproj.filter','myproj.mapper')" 

myproj.filter file example:

# comment

myproj.mapper file example:

mypack.MyTypeA => mypack.MyType1
# comment
mypack.MyTypeB => mypack.MyType2