bdd 0.9.0

Crossplatform async BDD style testing framework with commandline tool and gruntjs integration.

Released 2013-11-17.

To install, run:

haxelib install bdd 0.9.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.9.0
StatisticsInstalled 55 times

BDDStyle (like RSpec or Jasmine)

because old school unit tests are boring :)

The main purpose for this framework is the continuous testing as small effort as can be.

I think writing tests before the actual code is written is a good think, but I'm lazy as hell and if its require some effort... then it has a high chance I will don't do it :)


Command Line Tool
- project initializer
- class creator
- [Gruntjs]( integration
- seamless OpenFL support
- test runner with grep and reporter setter
- headless javascript testing with phantomjs or nodejs
- automatic setup with project initializer
- terminal output colorization
- watch/exec tasks realtime created so can be change anytime
- grep and reporter option passtrough
- grep value can be setted based on the changed file so
  anytime a class or its test is edited only these tests will be run
- livereload for js and swf watch tasks
   - nested 'describe' and 'before/afterEach' sections
   - async blocks inside 'it'-s
   - modular reporting system
   - available platforms: all
       - except php:
           - builtin Sys.print generate wrong code...
           - cannot identify iterable objects like other platforms
       - C# / java: I don't know how to compile so not tested
Available shoulds:
should.success();;;;'foo', 'foo');[]);'foo', ['foo', 'bar']);'bar', ['foo', 'bar']);, 'foobar', ['foo', 'foobar', 'bar']);, 10);, 1.5);, 1, 1.5);, 1.49, 0.015);'foo');;;;'foo');{});{});;, new TestCase());

should.have.length(2, ['foo', 'bar']);'foo', {'foo': true});['foo', 'bar'], {'foo': true, 'bar':true});

should.match('fo\\w', 'foo');
should.startWith('f', 'foo');
should.endWith('o', 'foo');

should.contains('foo', ['foo', 'bar']);

should.throws(function(){ throw 'foo'; });

//and of course everything can be negated.;; :D

//checkout the tests for more detailed possibilities


$> haxelib install bdd
Command line:
$> haxelib run bdd init # it will ask some questions
Woud you like to use gruntjs as automatic/colorizer runner?
test path (default test):
source path (default src):
export path (default build):
haxelibs (other then bdd (commasep list)):
# if you enter openfl then the project file will be an openfl xml
# instead of hxml, and does not ask for the platforms
Which platforms would you like to use (default neko)?

$> haxelib run bdd test # compile and run all the platforms
                        # or neko with openfl
$> haxelib run bdd test -p cpp # only cpp target (both openfl/hxml)
$> haxelib run bdd create org.example.Whatever # create a class and
                                               # its test file
$> haxelib run bdd help # for more info :)
$> grunt watch:neko # run all the test files on file change with neko
$> grunt watch:phantomjs --grep=Example # only Example with phantom js
$> grunt watch:neko --reporter=dot --changed # only the changed file
                                             # with dot reporter
$> grunt watch:js # this will only build the js file and trigger for livereload
$> grunt help # for more info