Away3D is an open source platform for developing interactive 3D graphics for video games and applications.

Version Release Notes Install Downloads
3 weeks ago
Update for OpenFL 8 and Haxe 4 preview 3 haxelib install away3d 5.0.6 75
3 weeks ago
Minor shader and DCE fixes haxelib install away3d 5.0.5 0
9 months ago
Minor parser fixes haxelib install away3d 5.0.4 491
10 months ago
Updated for OpenFL 6.0, DAEParser fix haxelib install away3d 5.0.3 145
1 year ago
Stage3DProxy update so it wont requestContext if it already exists haxelib install away3d 5.0.2 283
1 year ago
Consistency fixes, fixes to LinearExtrude haxelib install away3d 5.0.1 99
1 year ago
Updated for latest OpenFL and Haxe release haxelib install away3d 5.0.0 110
1 year ago
Updates for Haxe 3.3, OpenFl 3.6.1 and Lime 2.9.1 with backwards compatibility haxelib install away3d 1.3.2 291
2 years ago
Updates for Haxe 3.2 and latest OpenFl/Lime haxelib install away3d 1.2.0 246
3 years ago
Reworked to utilise the migrated Stage3D in the core OpenFL library and compatibility updates. Includes minor bug fixes. haxelib install away3d 1.1.0 601
3 years ago
Addition of GPU mipmap generation for native & HTML5 targets and support for anisotropic filtering. Other build fixes. haxelib install away3d 1.0.4-alpha 462
3 years ago
Fixes for mouse interaction haxelib install away3d 1.0.3-alpha 20
3 years ago
Merged pull request and fix for native mipmapping haxelib install away3d 1.0.2-alpha 16
4 years ago
Initial alpha release haxelib install away3d 1.0.1-alpha 254
4 years ago
Initial alpha release haxelib install away3d 1.0.0-alpha 223

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