agenda 0.2.0

Job scheduler

Released 2016-05-27.

To install, run:

haxelib install agenda 0.2.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.2.0
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Tags agenda, job, schedule, task


Job scheduler


static function main() {
	// database adapter, used to persist job data
	// find more adapters in agenda/db/adapters folder
	// or implement your own adapter, see agenda.db.Adapter
	var adapter = new FileAdapter('agenda.txt'); // require `-lib filelock`
	// the Agenda instance
	var agenda = new Agenda(adapter);
	// create a worker
	// a worker will check the database periodically, and run all the executable jobs one by one
	// you can also create more workers with `agenda.createWorker()` and let them run jobs in parallel
	var worker = agenda.createWorker();
	// start the worker
	// add some jobs
	// note: adding jobs are async
	for(i in 0...10) agenda.immediate(new MyWork(i));
	// stop the worker after some time
	haxe.Timer.delay(function() worker.stop(), 10000);

class MyWork implements Work {
	var i:Int;
	public function new(i:Int) {
		this.i = i;
	// some dummy tasks, write a text file
	public function work() {
		var filename = '$i.txt';
		return Future.sync(Success(Noise));

More: see tests folder.


  • Recursive jobs (e.g. run at :05 of every hour)