SpriterHaxeEngine 2.1.0

Brashmonkey's Spriter SCML renderer compatible with Haxe 3 and openfl.

Released 2017-08-08.

To install, run:

haxelib install SpriterHaxeEngine 2.1.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version2.1.0
StatisticsInstalled 390 times



The point of this project is to offer a Brashmonkey's Spriter SCML renderer compatible with Haxe 3 and openfl. Base code of SCML definitions from http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html

Inspired by - https://github.com/Acemobe/SpriterAS3Anim - https://bitbucket.org/ClockworkMagpie/haxe-spriter/ - https://github.com/ibilon/HaxePunk-Spriter

Install: haxelib install SpriterHaxeEngine

Choose your drawing library:

* Example with the BitmapLibrary which uses BitmapData.copypixels() and BitmapData.draw()
//set the root canvas where to add all the animations
var canvas:BitmapData = new BitmapData(800, 480);
var spriterRoot:Bitmap = new Bitmap(canvas, PixelSnapping.AUTO, true);
//choose a rendering method.
var lib:BitmapLibrary = new BitmapLibrary('assets/', canvas);

* Example with the TilelayerLibrary which uses Tilelayer (haxelib install tilelayer)
//set the root canvas where to add all the animations
var spriterRoot:Sprite = new Sprite();
//choose a rendering method.
var lib:TilelayerLibrary = new TilelayerLibrary('assets/atlas.xml' , 'assets/atlas.png', spriterRoot);

* Other libraries exist to use Spriter with flixel and other rendering method!

Instantiate the engine:

//Create the engine.
//you can specify a default scml or you can specify it later in addSpriter()
engine = new SpriterEngine(Assets.getText('assets/test.scml'), lib );
//Add a Spriter in the engine. A Spriter contains all data from the scml (all entities, animations, boxes, tags...)
//By default, it will play the first animation of the first entity of your scml
engine.addSpriter('uniqueId', x,  y);

//Set the "run" animation of the entity
engine.getSpriter('uniqueId').playAnim('run', myCallback);

//Apply the "gun" map of the entity
engine.getSpriter('uniqueId').applyCharacterMap('gun', true);

//Update on enter frame to draw all Spriters on screen

//Callback on end anim
function myCallback(s:Spriter):Void

engine.getSpriterAt(0).onVarChanged = function varCallback(name:String, value:Dynamic):Void{}
engine.getSpriterAt(0).onEvent = function eventCallback(name:String):Void{}
engine.getSpriterAt(0).onSound = function soundCallback(name:String):Void{}

//current points and boxes
var points:Array<SpatialInfo> = engine.getSpriterAt(0).points;
var boxes:Array<Quadrilateral> = engine.getSpriterAt(0).boxes;

//current tags
var tags:Array<String> = engine.getSpriterAt(0).tags;

//current variables values
var value:Dynamic = engine.getSpriterAt(0).getVariable('myVar');

//stack anims
engine.getSpriter('uniqueId').playAnimsStackFromEntity("entityName", ["anim1","anim2"], myCallback).

Spriter Haxe Engine Features


Engine - Can be overrided to fit your need - simple z-ordering - Fixed tick, variable tick or use your own time - Pause - simple auto removal - default scml

Spriter entity - character mapping by name - change animation easily by name in a Spriter entity - callback when animation ended - play, stack anim, pause - you can display duplicate of spriter entity and manipulate them separatly - callback when events, sounds are triggered - callback when variables change - Points (usage example : to shot a bullet when gun fire) - Boxes (usage example : hitbox) - Tags (usage example : state vulnerable) - sub entities - playing backward and reflect

Libraries - Simple bitmap library (bitmaps handled with addChild, dependency : openfl) - BitmapData library (copypixels, dependency : openfl) - Tilelayer library (drawTiles using only one tilesheet)(dependency : https://github.com/elsassph/openfl-tilelayer and openfl). - DrawTiles library (using many tilesheets)(dependency : https://github.com/elsassph/openfl-tilelayer and openfl). - Flixel Library (atlas support or bitmaps handled with addChild, dependency : flixel) by Zaphod - Heaps Library (h3d/heaps, dependency : https://github.com/ncannasse/heaps) by Delahee - Luxe Library (dependency : https://github.com/underscorediscovery/luxe) - override the AbstractLibrary to provide a new library

Other features - own texture packer exporter - macro to parse scml into binaries

Cross-platform - flash - windows - neko - android - html5


  • interpolation on variable
  • variable/tags of sub entities
  • add tilesheet stage 3d support : https://github.com/as3boyan/TilesheetStage3D/
  • add ash and haxepunk support
  • add Flambe support (waiting for pull request, see here https://github.com/quinnhoener/SpriterHaxeEngine)
  • add Kha support (waiting for pull request, see here https://github.com/sh-dave/SpriterHaxeEngine/tree/dev)
  • Optimized engine : draw call only when needed. So "instant" keys are not updated between keys.
  • animation callback optimization
  • check Garbage collector


The wiki provides more details on features and how it works.


  • Please see this repo : https://github.com/loudoweb/Spriter-Example

Additional information

  • compatible with Spriter r6.1
  • With Tilelayer library, don't use openfl-bitfive for html5 target.

Known issues

  • Please use the best rendering method according to your target.