PixiGAFPlayer 0.2.0

Haxe externs for GAF Player

Released 2017-07-09.

To install, run:

haxelib install PixiGAFPlayer 0.2.0

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.

Current version0.2.0
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Pixi GAF Player

What is Pixi GAF Player?

Pixi GAF Player is a Javascript library that allows developer easily to play back animations in GAF format using PixiJs HTML5 engine.

Pixi GAF player is developed with Haxe Toolkit. The code is an adaptation of the Starling GAF Player code wrote in ActionScript 3.

Pixi GAF Player is avalaible for the Haxe version of PixiJs and for the original version in Javascript.

Pixi GAF Player is still at a early stage of development, supported features match with the availables demos. Also read Requirements of GAF Pixi Player below.

What is GAF?

GAF is a solution that allows porting animations created in Adobe Animate or Flash Pro into an open format GAF and play back them in different popular frameworks, such as Starling, Unity3d, Cocos2d-x and other. More info...

What are the main features of GAF?

  • Designed as “What you see in Animate/Flash is what you get in GAF”;
  • Doesn’t require additional technical knowledge from animators, designers and artists;
  • Allows to port existing Flash Animations without special preparation before porting;
  • Supports 99% of what can be created in Animate/Flash Pro;
  • Small size due to storing only unique parts of the animation in a texture atlas and a highly compressed binary config file describing object positions and transformations;
  • High performance due to numerous optimizations in conversion process and optimized playback libraries;

What are the integral parts of GAF?

GAF consist of SWF to GAF Converter, GAF Format, and GAF Playback Libraries.

What is SWF to GAF Converter?

GAF Converter is a tool for conversion animations from the SWF files into the GAF format. It is available as standalone application GAF Converter, Unity GAF Converter and GAF Publisher for Animate/Flash Pro. More info…

What is GAF Format?

GAF stands for Generic Animation Format. It is an extended cut-out animation format. It was designed to store animations, converted from SWF format into open format, that can be played using any framework/technology on any platform. More info…

How do I create GAF animation?

Use Animate or Flash Pro to create an animation in a way that you familiar with. There is no restrictions on document structure. Then you have to convert your animation using Standalone GAF Converter.

What are the supported features of Animate/Flash Pro?

GAF Converter can convert 99% of what can be done in Flash Pro. Vector and Raster graphics; Classic, Motion, Shape and Path(Guide) Tweens; Masks; Filters and more…

How does the conversion work?

GAF Converter has two conversion modes: Plain and Nesting. Each mode is suited for certain tasks and has its own features. More info…

Where I can find examples of using GAF?

You can find several demo projects in demo directory here.

Requirements of Pixi GAF Library:

  • You need to use Haxe-Pixi and PixiJS v4
  • Configure the GAF Converter as you see on screenshots below

  • Click on the configuration button

  • Uncheck the save as *.Zip option

  • Uncheck the compress *.gaf option

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