Cross platform static site generator

To install, run:

haxelib install Nice 1.4.1 

See using Haxelib in Haxelib documentation for more information.



Nice is distributed through haxelib. To install, type into terminal:

haxelib install nice

To generate a new site, first create a new folder. Then go to Terminal / Command Prompt:

` cd your-site-path haxelib run nice new`

To build your site, run this command:

` haxelib run nice build`


Nice does not come with a pre-installed theme or design. The user must design their own theme using HTML & the Haxe Templating language.

The following variables are exposed from Nice to the templates:

  • ::title:: - the title of the page / post
  • ::body:: - the body text of the page / post
  • ::posts:: - an array of the posts
  • ::pages:: - an array of the pages
  • ::name:: - name of the current file
  • ::date:: - date of the current post
  • ::tags:: - tags used by all of the posts. Duplicate tags are removed.
  • ::postTag:: - tags used by the current post.

You can access these variables through the Haxe Templating Engine. The template for every Nice page is located in layout/index.html.

Project Structure

A template for a Nice website is located in /export. Nice has a few requirements:

  • assets/ - static files that are copied over, e.g. images
  • layout/ - this is where your template file lives. Your template file must be called index.html
  • pages/ - this folder holds all of the pages. Pages are like posts without tags or a date.
  • pages/404.html - 404 file
  • pages/home.html - home page / page located at the root of your site. This file will be renamed to index.html and placed in the root.
  • posts/ - this folder holds all of the posts.
  • public/ - this folder is where Nice spits out your generated site
  • config.json - config file for your Nice site. Configure site paths, site title, etc.
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