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Tag utility

Here's the list of projects using this tag :

  • Ctrl
    This library helps us to get user input (mouse and keyboard) for flash target
  • macrotools
    Macro tools is a simple library that provides facilities for coding macros.
  • ngate
    Native Gateway is a series of macro scripts and tools that adds facilities to communicate and interface with native code, either via neko/hxcpp cffi or even by linking directly to dlls, without needing any external glue code.
  • structs
    Structs is a library to work with arrays of c-like unboxed structures. It's an optimization and compatibility library, so it's made to achieve the best performance as possible on its platforms while also being able to create structures interoperable with native C code. On Flash9, it uses flash's Memory API. Also it is intended to make the own "boxed" structures (classes) to work in an optimized way when necessary.
  • hxffi
    HxFFI is a small binding to LibFFI. It provides the ndlls for hxcpp and neko and provides the possibility of calling dlls without the need of a C FII glue code.
  • hxplugins
    hxplugins is a set of macro utilities to make it easy the creation of extendeable behaviors via plugins in haxe. In this
  • partials
    partials is a macro-based partial class implementation for haxe. More information on site
  • monax
    Monax provide a macro to create optimizing Monads and their syntactic sugar
  • Parsex
    General Parser API providing Packrat Parsers combinators and a Monadic support (requiers monax)
  • selecthxml
    Allows type-safe CSS-style selection on Xml objects.
  • tink_core
    A core set of utilities.
  • hxs
    HXS provides simple but powerful signals for haxe. Check http://code.google.com/p/hxs/ for extra information
  • hxThinkgear
    hxThinkgear is a set of simple haXe classes which communicate with Neurosky Thinkgear Connector (windows and mac only)
  • selecthx
    Type-safe CSS selector engine for haXe
  • singleton
    Easy singleton classes
  • robothaxe-utilities-StateMachine
    Finite state machine for robothaxe (port of robotlegs StateMachine utility)
  • robothaxe-utilities-Modular
    A small utility to facilitate communication between multiple robothaxe contexts. (port of robotlegs Modular utility)
  • composure-hx
    THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED - Please use composure instead.
  • munit
    A cross platform unit testing framework for Haxe with metadata test markup and tools for generating, compiling and running tests from the command line.
  • mconsole
    A cross platform Haxe implementation of the WebKit console API supporting logging, debugging and profiling. Currently supports AVM2, JS, C++ and Neko.
  • polygonal-ds
    data structures for games
  • polygonal-core
    core library used by other polygonal libraries
  • LevelTools
    LevelTools is a library that provides easy loading of level files from DAME and Tiled (experimental). For DAME, it supports tilemaps, sprite layers, paths and links. It also provides extension methods for iterating tilemaps.
  • msignal
    A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 Signals library that leverages Haxe type parameters. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mpartial
    A Haxe macro library for working with Partials. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • minject
    A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 SwiftSuspenders IOC library with efficient macro enhanced type reflection. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mloader
    A cross platform Haxe library for loading resources with utilities for queueing and caching requests. Supports AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • EmbedAssets
    Haxelib utility for embed assets.
  • continuation
    Enable continuation in Haxe
  • mcore
    A collection of lightweight, platform independent utilities that simplify cross platform development in Haxe.
  • mdata
    A cross platform data structure and collections library supporting all Haxe targets.
  • croxit-1
    Croxit is a library that enables Haxe-written HTML5/JS applications to run on a cross-platform, offline environment. It emulates the neko.Web API and allows client/server-style applications to run offline on a mobile or desktop device.
  • croxit-geo-1
    Location services plugin for Croxit
  • croxit-camera-1
    Camera plugin for Croxit
  • mcover
    A cross platform code coverage framework for Haxe with testing and profiling applications. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, C++, PHP and Neko.
  • semver
    A Haxe port of the Node SemVer library.
  • exif
    JPEG Exif parser for reading metadata from JPEG images
  • gconsole
    A game-like console that provides runtime acess to methods and variables, logging, monitoring, profiling, you name it.
  • hoo
    Haxe Operator Overloading
  • RecursiveClassPath
    Macro utility to recursively add folders to the classpath list.
  • awe
    Awe is a minimal cross-platform entity component library with support for signals. It is extensible and fast, whilst maintaining a level of simplicity.
  • composure
    A haxe library to assist coding in a composition design pattern. The library also allows for dependency injection via metadata.
    Intro to Composure - with Hello World
    Composure Wiki
    Generated Documentation
  • yaml
    A cross platform YAML 1.2 parser and renderer for Haxe.
  • ExAM
    Assets management utility without embedding assets in SWF (smaller file). Port from https://github.com/krechagames/assets-management
  • interpolation