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Tag nme

Here's the list of projects using this tag :

  • gm2d
    GM2D helper classes for rapid game making in 2D.
  • as3isolib
    Isometric Library developed to assist in creating isometrically projected content (such as games and graphics) targeted for flash/NME
  • feffects
    Set of effects (tweens, sineloops...) targeting Flash / JS / NME (Neko, C++, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, webOS, BlackBerry, HTML5)
  • mms_layout
    Static class to layout elements
  • temperate
    Simple customizable GUI for flashplayer9+. Includes cursors and tooltips separated systems
  • HaxeFlixel
    Haxe port of Flixel v. 2.55
  • HaxePunk
    A Haxe port of the FlashPunk AS3 engine.
  • aswing
    This is the aswing/haXe port
  • firmament
    2D game engine using NME.
  • HxSpriter
    Haxe/NME implementation of the Spriter application and file format.
  • tilelayer
    Lightweight wrapper over NME's powerful but lowlevel 'drawTiles', with bitmap-based fallback for Flash/JS. Includes a Sparrow spritesheets parser supporting animations and trimming.
  • underscore.hx
    ported to haxe by M.Paraiso contact : mparaiso@online.fr . https://github.com/Mparaiso/Underscore.hx A set of utility functions inspired by Jeremy Ashkenas Underscore.js : http://documentcloud.github.com/underscore
  • continuation
    Enable continuation in Haxe
  • nme-webp
    NME haxe extensions for decoding and encoding webp 0.2.1 images (lossy, lossless and alpha support).
  • HaxePunkTmx
    Tiled TMX loader for HaxePunk
  • nme-webm
    NME haxe extensions for decoding webm videos (mkv+vp8+vorbis).
  • hoo
    Haxe Operator Overloading
  • grar
    GRAR is a powerful framework designed for training applications
  • nme-tiled
    nme-tiled is a library, which gives NME developers the possibility to use the TILED Map Editor.
  • testflight
    TestFlight API for NME
  • awe6
    awe6 is game inverted: a scalable, flexible and intuitive framework for the rapid development of quality games. For more information visit awe6.org
  • cobraui
    A simple UI library
  • nme-opus
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.
  • nme-vfs
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.
  • df-loader
    This library was developed to easy load and use sprites and animations generated by DarkFunction Editor.
  • cocktail
    A Haxe HTML/CSS rendering engine library