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Tag javascript

Here's the list of projects using this tag :

  • nodejs
    Node.js Type Signatures
  • modernizr
    Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites. Example code can be found at the project URL.
  • xirsys_stdjs
    Standard JavaScript ECMAScript v5 Type Definitions for HaXe
  • xirsys_injector
    An injection library used by the Cube MVC framework. Check the readme file for more information.
  • xirsys_cube
    A loose port of the RobotLegs MVC framework. Has a number of differences, so check the readme file.
  • titaniumdesktop
    Haxe extern classes for http://www.appcelerator.com/ Titanium Desktop. Please report any issues at https://github.com/skial/haXe-titanium-desktop
  • browserhx
    Simple Library to provide browser detection
  • divtastic
    Javascript experimental cross browser library based on div drawing, partial IE8 support, has some html5, canvas and basic video
  • HXAddress
    HXAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Javascript. It's a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state... ( http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ )
  • cloudshift
    A haXe Stack for Node.js
  • selecthx
    Type-safe CSS selector engine for haXe
  • ember.hx
    Use ember.js, a powerful Javascript application framework, with Haxe
  • flambe
    Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for Flash and HTML5 games.
  • sdl
    Haxe SDL is a lightweight game/media library based on SDL with implementations on HTML5 and flash.
  • continuation
    Enable continuation in Haxe
  • tjson
    Tolerant JSON parser and encoder. Unserializes and serializes JSON data, but without all the strictness of standard JSON parsers. Supports multi and single-line comments, keys without quotes, and single quotes.
  • hoo
    Haxe Operator Overloading
  • awe6
    awe6 is game inverted: a scalable, flexible and intuitive framework for the rapid development of quality games. For more information visit awe6.org
  • cocktail
    A Haxe HTML/CSS rendering engine library
  • chrome-extension
    Type definitions for the google-chrome extension API
  • chrome-app
    Type definitions for the google-chrome apps API