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Tag cpp

Here's the list of projects using this tag :

  • hxSerial
    hxSerial is a library for serial port communication in haXe (C++/Neko target).
  • hxCLEye
    Binding for Code Laboratories's CLEye SDK. For usage of multiple PS3Eye cameras on Windows with haXe/C++.
  • actuate
    Actuate is a fast, flexible tween library with a jQuery-like syntax. It out-performs TweenLite, and is easy to extend if you need more features.
  • hxRtAudio
    Haxe binding to RtAudio, for cross-platform real-time audio input/output.
  • mercury
    this lib is for use with the Mercury game engine * currently only CPP on win32 is supported, iPhone in progress TODO: * implement Android target * image-based fonts * content source - Que additional URL IN PROGRESS: * implement iPhone target * BUG - load multiple content sources from FILE and HTTP COMPLETED: * Font class is an image-based font class with JSON metadata input * support previous mercury engine classes (entity, pathfinding, etc) * content source HTTP is asynchronous * content source from HTTP and FILE
  • hxOpenFrameworks
    haXe binding of OpenFrameworks
  • GTweenHX
    Port of GTween library from AS3
  • hxfcgi
    CGI/FastCGI Wrapper for nekoVM and the haxe cpp target
  • hxzmq
    Haxe language binding for the ZeroMQ socket library
  • spritesheet
    Spritesheet is a useful and flexible sprite sheet library compatible with NME
  • xirsys_injector
    An injection library used by the Cube MVC framework. Check the readme file for more information.
  • xirsys_cube
    A loose port of the RobotLegs MVC framework. Has a number of differences, so check the readme file.
  • box2d
    Box2D is a tremendously popular physics engine for most platforms.
  • flixel
    Flixel is a popular free game engine. This is a port of Flixel 2.55.
  • ngate
    Native Gateway is a series of macro scripts and tools that adds facilities to communicate and interface with native code, either via neko/hxcpp cffi or even by linking directly to dlls, without needing any external glue code.
  • hxffi
    HxFFI is a small binding to LibFFI. It provides the ndlls for hxcpp and neko and provides the possibility of calling dlls without the need of a C FII glue code.
  • feffects
    Set of effects (tweens, sineloops...) targeting Flash / JS / NME (Neko, C++, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, webOS, BlackBerry, HTML5)
  • sqlite
    Provides SQLite capabilities for C++ targets
  • hexpect
    HExpect allows you to run a process and monitor it's output, using regular expressions to catch data. Hopefully more documentation coming soon.
  • task
    Use the Task and TaskList API to simplify asynchronous tasks
  • keybinding
    Makes it simple to "bind" or "unbind" handlers for the keyboard
  • layout
    Flexible system for fluid resizing layouts
  • gui
    Dialogs, controls and other lightweight utilities for application interfaces
  • away3dlite
    Away3D Lite is fast, lightweight library for rendering 3D content.
  • ape
    APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) is a free open source 2D physics engine, ported for use in Haxe.
  • swf
    Provides support for parsing and rendering SWF content
  • waxe
    The waxe project allows haxe to access the wxWidgets library via the neko or c++ targets. The combination of functional and object-oriented aspects of the haxe language make this a very natural fit.
  • hxThinkgear
    hxThinkgear is a set of simple haXe classes which communicate with Neurosky Thinkgear Connector (windows and mac only)
  • HaxeFlixel
    Haxe port of Flixel v. 2.55
  • xapi
    XAPI (Ximple API) is a high level API for haXe backends (Neko, PHP, C++). It's meant to simplify daily tasks and also extend the official API.
  • HaxePunk
    A Haxe port of the FlashPunk AS3 engine.
  • firmament
    2D game engine using NME.
  • mongodb
    MongoDB driver for Haxe
  • starling
    Starling is an abstraction layer over Stage3D in order to accelerate performance of Flash 2D projects.
  • continuation
    Enable continuation in Haxe
  • svg
    Provides support for parsing and rendering SVG content
  • nme-webp
    NME haxe extensions for decoding and encoding webp 0.2.1 images (lossy, lossless and alpha support).
  • hxcollision
    Separating axis theorom based collisions for Polygons and Circles, Ported from rocketmandevelopment.com
  • HaxePunkTmx
    Tiled TMX loader for HaxePunk
  • nme-webm
    NME haxe extensions for decoding webm videos (mkv+vp8+vorbis).
  • xfl
    Provides support for parsing and rendering XFL content
  • exif
    JPEG Exif parser for reading metadata from JPEG images
  • hx-gameplay
    This project provides Haxe bindings for the 3D engine Gameplay by Research In Motion.
  • hxndll
    Haxe NDLL import util.
  • hoo
    Haxe Operator Overloading
  • grar
    GRAR is a powerful framework designed for training applications
  • bbmvc
    BBMVC is a super light simple cross platform MVC framework. Checkout http://bbmvc.org for example code.
  • awe
    Awe is a minimal cross-platform entity component library with support for signals. It is extensible and fast, whilst maintaining a level of simplicity.
  • awe6
    awe6 is game inverted: a scalable, flexible and intuitive framework for the rapid development of quality games. For more information visit awe6.org
  • glfw3
    hxcpp bindings to GLFW 3.0
  • protohx
    Crossplatform implementation of "Google's Protocol Buffers" for haxe. https://code.google.com/p/protobuf/
  • ogl
    hxcpp bindings to OpenGL v3
  • nme-opus
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.
  • nme-vfs
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.