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All Projects:

  • actuate
    Actuate is a fast, flexible tween library with a jQuery-like syntax. It out-performs TweenLite, and is easy to extend if you need more features.
  • air
    Extern classes for Adobe AIR
  • air2
    Extern classes forAdobe AIR 2/3
  • air3
    Externs for Adobe AIR3
  • anthx
    AntHX is a set of Ant tasks for using haXe.
  • aPath
    This is A* pathfinding library. It has simple API for easy use in games etc.
  • ape
    APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) is a free open source 2D physics engine, ported for use in Haxe.
  • archetype
    Utility to jumpstart haxe projects, eg: % haxelib run archetype create -type=flash -artifactId=myProject -packageName=us.versus.them -version=1.0.0 % cd myProject % haxe compile.hxml % haxelib run archetype list
  • arctic
    Lightweight GUI framework for haXe targetting Flash 7, 8 and Flash 9
  • ArrayTools
    The ArrayTools class adds additional array utility functions. Methods to iterate, permute, or shuffle arrays are included among others.
  • as3isolib
    Isometric Library developed to assist in creating isometrically projected content (such as games and graphics) targeted for flash/NME
  • as3tohx
    AS3ToHX is a simple library to help convert AS3 code to Haxe
  • ash
    Port of the Ash entity component framework originally written in ActionScript 3
  • asparticleengine
    Haxe particle engine which imports Cocos2D particle plists. Code ported from Cocos2D HaXe port (which is currently unfinishd). Demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNi7kMCUXyM
  • aspell
    Neko Aspell enables using GNU Aspell from Neko/haXe
  • aswing
    This is the aswing/haXe port
  • async
    Asynchronous programming made easy.
  • async-tools
    Useful tools for async programming, designed for Node.js.
  • away3dlite
    Away3D Lite is fast, lightweight library for rendering 3D content.
  • awe
    Awe is a minimal cross-platform entity component library with support for signals. It is extensible and fast, whilst maintaining a level of simplicity.
  • awe6
    awe6 is game inverted: a scalable, flexible and intuitive framework for the rapid development of quality games. For more information visit awe6.org
  • aws
    A Haxe library for communicating with the Amazon AWS (http://www.amazonaws.com) backend.
  • basicMemoryManager
    A basic memory manager for flash.Memory allocations; if all code and libraries use this Heap class rather than using flash.Memory.select() directly, they can coexist; if any code anywhere uses flash.Memory.select(), directly, however, all bets are off. :(
  • Basis
  • BasisAndroid
  • BasisApple
  • bbmvc
    BBMVC is a super light simple cross platform MVC framework. Checkout http://bbmvc.org for example code.
  • beanhx
    Externs to the BeanJS lightweight event library for Javascript.
  • Bell
    Bell is a Swiz like framework for HaXe
  • bindable
    A simple bindable view for Javascript: you start with a template of HTML, and map CSS selectors to properties on your model. If the model uses HSL's Trackable for properties, then every time a property is changed it will automatically update.
  • bitmapfont
    Flash 9+ Bitmapped Fonts (based on Angelcode Bitmap Font Generator)
  • box2d
    Box2D is a tremendously popular physics engine for most platforms.
  • browserhx
    Simple Library to provide browser detection
  • buildhx
    BuildHX helps you create externs for native libraries.
  • buildjs
    Provides build tools for haxe JS projects
  • casalib
    A Haxe port of "CASA Lib for ActionScript", a great collection of helpful classes that streamline your coding.
  • chrome-app
    Type definitions for the google-chrome apps API
  • chrome-extension
    Type definitions for the google-chrome extension API
  • chxdoc
    Haxe documentation generator
  • clothx
    A simple particle system that has particles, attractors, springs and gravity
  • cloudshift
    A haXe Stack for Node.js
  • cobraui
    A simple UI library
  • cocktail
    A Haxe HTML/CSS rendering engine library
  • colhx
    An optimized set of collections based off of Michael Baczynski's library: Heap, BinarySearchTree, Array2D, TreeNode, Graph, Stack, Queue, DList, and Set for now.
  • commandLineWrapper
    Simple single class that allows you to wrap command line tools with minimal work.
  • compiletime
    Simple Haxe Macro Helpers that let you do or get things at compile-time.
  • composure
    A haxe library to assist coding in a composition design pattern. The library also allows for dependency injection via metadata.
    Intro to Composure - with Hello World
    Composure Wiki
    Generated Documentation
  • composure-hx
    THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED - Please use composure instead.
  • continuation
    Enable continuation in Haxe
  • cordova
    Apache Cordova is an open-source library for publishing web-based content on a wide variety of mobile platforms.
  • cptr
    Library for accessing neko strings as plain C pointers to floating-point or integer types
  • createjs
    The project includes externs for CreateJS libraries: EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS, PreloadJS
  • croxit-1
    Croxit is a library that enables Haxe-written HTML5/JS applications to run on a cross-platform, offline environment. It emulates the neko.Web API and allows client/server-style applications to run offline on a mobile or desktop device.
  • croxit-camera-1
    Camera plugin for Croxit
  • croxit-geo-1
    Location services plugin for Croxit
  • Ctrl
    This library helps us to get user input (mouse and keyboard) for flash target
  • curl
    A binding of the famous libCurl library for haXe.
  • dcxml
    Alternative XML implementation for haXe
  • DeepHash
    Data structure made up of nested hashes
  • detox
    Detox (previously called DOMTools) - A cross-target library for Haxe to make working with Xml and the DOM easy... not dissimilar from jQuery etc but works wherever Haxe works.
  • df-loader
    This library was developed to easy load and use sprites and animations generated by DarkFunction Editor.
  • dhlib
    The dis-Emi-A haXe Library is a set of tools, classes, and support facilities aimed at simlifying and expediating game creation in Flash 9. Naturally this has also lead to creating several aspects useful for any type of visual presentation. The haxelib version is the core library without the supporting example code. (NOTE: License is GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)
  • dhx
    DOM manipulation in D3 style.
  • distill
    haXe event management system, for the javascript target
  • DistortImage
    Tesselate a movieclip into several triangles to allow free transform distorsion.
  • divtastic
    Javascript experimental cross browser library based on div drawing, partial IE8 support, has some html5, canvas and basic video
  • DomReady
    A small script that stacks some JavaScript functions and calls them, when the DOM of the HTML page loaded completely. (It just waits for the DOM, not all the other external resources!)
  • domtools
    A simple library that eases DOM work in haxe. It aims to be similar to jQuery, but more haxe-like, and hopefully one day portable to targets other than client side js.
  • dotnet
    HaXe .NET Support
  • EmbedAssets
    Haxelib utility for embed assets.
  • ember.hx
    Use ember.js, a powerful Javascript application framework, with Haxe
  • enyo
    Provides support for Enyo in Javascript applications
  • erazor
    A haXe implementation of the MVC 3 Razor template engine
  • ExAM
    Assets management utility without embedding assets in SWF (smaller file). Port from https://github.com/krechagames/assets-management
  • exif
    JPEG Exif parser for reading metadata from JPEG images
  • extinthash
    Data structures based on IntHash(2d maps, autoincrement, mirrored pairs)
  • extjs
  • facebridgex
    FacebridgeX is a designed to enable haXe developers to create facebook applications ( based on facebookbridge an as3 library from Zerofractal ). Currently FacebridgeX only targets flashplayer 9+.
  • fash
    Cross-version methods targeting Flash 8 & Flash 9
  • fastcgi
    A haxe wrapper for the fastcgi binary library.
  • fcomponentshx
    Set of components for haXe targetting Flash 8 & Flash 9
  • feffects
    Set of effects (tweens, sineloops...) targeting Flash / JS / NME (Neko, C++, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, webOS, BlackBerry, HTML5)
  • fhx
    Functional Data Structures for Haxe.
  • FirePHP
    HaXe binding for the FirePHP.
  • firmament
    2D game engine using NME.
  • fladehaxe
    Flade - Flash Dynamics Engine (haXe port)
  • flambe
    Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for Flash and HTML5 games.
  • flashconnect
    FlashDevelop tracing facility
  • flashtools
    Various tools for flash applications building. Linux-only currently.
  • flcontrols
    fl.controls component headers.
  • flex
    The header files (mx.* package) needed to manipulate Flex2 components from haXe
  • flex41
    Flex 4.1 component headers.
  • Flint
    Actionscript 3 Particle Engine for Flash and Flex
  • flixel
    Flixel is a popular free game engine. This is a port of Flixel 2.55.
  • flurryagent
    Flurry Agent for Android/iOS
  • fmod
    Neko fmod enables using parts of the fmod audio library from Neko/haXe
  • fonttools
    Superceded by xinfinity-support.
  • Foo
    This project is an example of an haxelib project
  • format
    A Haxe Library for supporting different file formats.
  • framework_delfiweb
    It permit you to create some web applications (with graphics and engine save in differents swf) with your personnal components for Flash 9
  • fscript
    A fully functional hscript compiler that targets AVM2 bytecode through hxasm
  • funk
    The Funk library supports functional development in Haxe.
  • gameai
    Game AI Data Structures and Algorithms
  • gamelab.events
    Event system for haxe.
  • ganalytics
    Google Analyics inside your mobile apps (iOS target supported - Android coming soon!). Supports page views, event tracking, custom variables and crash events.
  • gconsole
    A game-like console that provides runtime acess to methods and variables, logging, monitoring, profiling, you name it.
  • glfw3
    hxcpp bindings to GLFW 3.0
  • gm2d
    GM2D helper classes for rapid game making in 2D.
  • google-js-api
    This library contains extern classes that allow static type checking and compilation for various Google javascript API's.
  • grar
    GRAR is a powerful framework designed for training applications
  • gtranslator
    Google Translator service
  • GTweenHX
    Port of GTween library from AS3
  • gui
    Dialogs, controls and other lightweight utilities for application interfaces
  • hamcrest
    Provides a library of matcher objects (also known as constraints or predicates) allowing 'match' rules to be defined declaratively, to be used in other frameworks. Typical scenarios include testing frameworks, mocking libraries and UI validation rules.
  • hant
    Library with ant-like methods.
  • HaQuery
    Web framework with php/neko and js target.
  • Harfang
    Web development framework
  • HashTools
    The HashTools class adds additional hash utility functions. Methods to group Iterables into hashes and to map hash values are included.
  • haxe-ammo.js
    Extern definitions for Ammo.js, a port of the Bullet 3D physics engine to javascript.
  • haxe-ga
    Generic Google Analytics client that implements nearly every parameter and tracking feature of the original GA Javascript client.
  • haxe-html
    Minimal type safe HTML combinator library
  • haxe-macro-html-templates
    Minimal haml like template library for haxe
  • haxe-monads
    monads for HaXe using macros. Includes samples for State, IO, Array monads
  • haxe-webgl
    Extern definitions for WebGL 1.0
  • haxealtdate
    Timezone, Gregorian and Julian calendar classes
  • haxebuild
    haxebuild offers command-line packaging and compilation tools for NME, Jeash and other projects.
  • haxefd
    haxeFD is an haXe Plugin for the FlashDevelop IDE
  • HaxeFlixel
    Haxe port of Flixel v. 2.55
  • haxei
    Interactive shell for haXe
  • haxelib-run
    Print a haxelib library's path, name and version.
  • haxelib-runner
    Allow to run haxelib commands (install and set) (used by Yoga in case haxelib change)
  • haxelib-test
    This project is a test of an haxelib project
  • HaxePunk
    A Haxe port of the FlashPunk AS3 engine.
  • HaxePunk-gui
    HaxePunk GUI is a toolset to display user interfaces that works with HaxePunk engine. It provide some basic components to allow the user to interact with the game.
  • HaxePunkTmx
    Tiled TMX loader for HaxePunk
  • haxetacy
    A haXe library (haxelib) that focuses on making cross-target and cross-scripthost development more transparent. Includes new JavaScript targets and a better alternative for browser-based applications to using haXe's standard library. Currently usable js targets are browser, asp, hta and wsh. Coming up: Rhino, JScript.NET, JSDB, JSLibs, GLUEscript, v8cgi and more! Go to the website for more information.
  • haxetoml
    The cross-platform TOML v0.1.0 implementation in haXe.
  • HaxeUmlGen
    This tool dynamically generates uml for a haXe project
  • haxigniter
    An easy-to-use web framework for haXe.
  • haxORMap
    haxORMap - A haXe Object Relational Mapping, SQL and Class generator tool.
  • hexpect
    HExpect allows you to run a process and monitor it's output, using regular expressions to catch data. Hopefully more documentation coming soon.
  • Hocco
    Hocco is a quick-and-dirty, hundred-line-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator. For more information, see project URL
  • hoo
    Haxe Operator Overloading
  • hscript
    Haxe Script is a scripting engine for a subset of the haXe language
  • hsl-1
    HSL, pronounced "hustle", stands for haXe Signaling Library. It makes writing event-driven code in haXe hassle-free.
  • hsl-pico-1
    HSL, pronounced "hustle", stands for haXe Signaling Library. It makes writing event-driven code in haXe hassle-free. This package consists only of the core functionalities of the library. It is recommended that you grab the full library by installing the "hsl-1" package.
  • html5
    Javascript html5 typedef signatures
  • HtmlParser
    Simple crossplatform HTML/XML parser with css-like selectors support (see find() method).
  • hx-gameplay
    This project provides Haxe bindings for the 3D engine Gameplay by Research In Motion.
  • hx2compat
    Some haxe 2 types for easier migration to haxe 3.
  • hx3ds
    data structures for game programmers. this is an enhanced haXe version of as3ds (http://code.google.com/p/as3ds)
  • hx_nice_json
    Nice JSON render. It converts everything (Hashes, Arrays, plain objects, you name it) to well formatted JSON. Useful for debugging.
  • HXAddress
    HXAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Javascript. It's a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state... ( http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ )
  • hxalgo
    An algorithm and data structure library for haXe
  • hxasm
    A Flash9 assembler Library for Flash9 and Neko.
  • hxbert
    BERT encoder/decoder for Flash 9+.
  • hxBF
    BrainFuck interpreter written in haXe.
  • hxBuild
    build tool along the lines of rake/gant
  • hxCLEye
    Binding for Code Laboratories's CLEye SDK. For usage of multiple PS3Eye cameras on Windows with haXe/C++.
  • hxcollision
    Separating axis theorom based collisions for Polygons and Circles, Ported from rocketmandevelopment.com
  • hxColorToolkit
    Color conversion and color scheme generation.
  • hxcpp
    Hxcpp is the runtime support for the c++ backend of the haxe compiler. This release constains the headers, libries and support code required to generate a fully compiled executable from haxe code.
  • hxcs
    Hxcs is a support library for the C# backend of the haxe compiler. There is plan to support automatic C# code build (with .csproj generation), hxcpp/neko CFFI support and the complete .NET standard library externs.
  • hxculture
    Culture Framework
  • hxCurl
    HaXe neko/php binding for the curl library. This project based on knarf's "curl" (http://lib.haxe.org/p/curl/) and Raza Tiana's "haxe-curl" (http://code.google.com/p/haxe-curl/) projects.
  • hxDev
    IDE for haXe
  • hxDev2
    Geany IDE Plugin for haXe 2.0
  • hxDiff
    Sequencer Matcher and Document Deltas.
  • hxdtl
    Haxe implementation of Django Template Language
  • hxE
    A Haxe Entity System based on the Artemis ES: http://gamadu.com/artemis/ Read up on Entity systems: http://t-machine.org/index.php/2007/09/03/entity-systems-are-the-future-of-mmog-development-part-1/
  • hxencode
    hxEncode is a character decoding and encoding library. It contains functions for manipulating several kinds of Unicode strings.
  • hxevents
    Simple and Generic Event system for haXe
  • hxfcgi
    CGI/FastCGI Wrapper for nekoVM and the haxe cpp target
  • hxffi
    HxFFI is a small binding to LibFFI. It provides the ndlls for hxcpp and neko and provides the possibility of calling dlls without the need of a C FII glue code.
  • hxgaia
    A haXe wrapper of the popular Gaia Flash framework ( www.gaiaflashframework.com )
  • hxGD
    hxGD is a small library that uses the libGD library to create images and animations out of and a haXe application.
  • hxgk
    HxGK enables the use of iOS Game Center Leaderboard and Achievement features from within haXe when targeting iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with the nekonme library.
  • hxGrowl
    This project is an implementation of GNTP(Growl Notification Transport Protocol) 1.0
  • hxGtk
  • hxjava
    Hxjava is a support library for the Java backend of the haxe compiler. There is plan to support automatic java code build, hxcpp/neko CFFI support and the complete java standard library externs.
  • hxJSON
    JSON encoding and decoding
  • hxJson2
    hxJson2 is JSON decoding and encoding library. (haXe 2.x compatible)
  • hxk
    HaXe-Kalibur is an framework for building with website or game with CreateJS and Adobe Flash IDE displayed in HTML5 canvas
  • hxkalman
    Kalman Filter implementation and other location tools.
  • hxLib
    Haxelib hack, providing multiple repositories and server options, backended by hxServlet
  • hxLINQ
    HaXe port of the LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) Project. Tested on Flash/JS/PHP/Neko/C++ targets.
  • hxmpp
    XMPP/Jabber client/component library
  • hxndll
    Haxe NDLL import util.
  • hxneko-redis
    client library for accessing a redis key value store
  • hxOpenFrameworks
    haXe binding of OpenFrameworks
  • hxpdf
    A haXe Library for accessing PDF files.
  • hxPlay
    haXe game engine for Flash
  • hxplugins
    hxplugins is a set of macro utilities to make it easy the creation of extendeable behaviors via plugins in haxe. In this
  • hxRefactor
    Haxe source code refactoring tool.
  • hxRtAudio
    Haxe binding to RtAudio, for cross-platform real-time audio input/output.
  • hxs
    HXS provides simple but powerful signals for haxe. Check http://code.google.com/p/hxs/ for extra information
  • hxScriptlet
    JQuery Style Javascript Lib
  • hxSerial
    hxSerial is a library for serial port communication in haXe (C++/Neko target).
  • hxServlet
    Fast Proxied haXe Servlets
  • hxSet
    simple set class
  • HxSpriter
    Haxe/NME implementation of the Spriter application and file format.
  • hxssl
    Allows openssl https calls, tls is implemented, no certificate checking yet available.
  • hxSynth
    Synthesis of hxServlet and hxScriptlet
  • hxtea
    This project embed a single class which allows you use the TEA crypting. Exemple included in the main class.
  • hxThinkgear
    hxThinkgear is a set of simple haXe classes which communicate with Neurosky Thinkgear Connector (windows and mac only)
  • hxunicode
    hxUnicode is a library for manipulating several kinds of Unicode strings.
  • hxWebSockets
    This project aims at providing an implementation for the WebSocket protocol. It allows one to create a WebSocket server and also to create a client in Neko.
  • hxzmq
    Haxe language binding for the ZeroMQ socket library
  • hydrax
    A port of the Pushbutton Game Engine, with multi-platform features not found in the original PBE
  • I32
    Replacement Int32 to ease cross platform Int32 development
  • ihx
    ihx is an interactive haxe scripting shell
  • ImageMagick
    HaXe php/neko binding for the ImageMagick library.
  • interpolation
  • IterTools
    The IterTools class adds additional common Iterator utility functions. Support for cycling, slicing, chaining, takeWhile, and dropWhile.
  • javastd
    JDK 7.0 externs for Haxe, and haxe standard library implementations for the Java backend
  • jeash
    Jeash is an HTML5-Canvas implementation of the flash API.
  • joapp
    Provides support for Jo in Javascript applications
  • JPGEncoder
    JPGEncoder is a set of classes made by Adobe to encode in AS3 a bmp, png and jpg from a BitmapData object. Sample usage on my website.
  • jquery
    HaXe wrapper for jquery.
  • jQueryExtern
    jQuery extern
  • jqueryMobileExtern
    Extern classes for jQuery mobile.
  • jsfl
    Tools for generating JSFL using haxe.
  • jsfx
    js.fx library : mootools for haxe.
  • jsmin
    A haXe port of JSMin(http://www.crockford.com/javascript/jsmin.html). Use it to minify JS files.
  • jsscramble
    Scramble the JS code so none can read it. Another consequence is that the file size will be lowered by up to 40%
  • keybinding
    Makes it simple to "bind" or "unbind" handlers for the keyboard
  • KineticJSForHaxe
    This library provides externs for Haxe allowing one to use the KineticJS JS Canvas framework Authored using http://www.joshuagranick.com/ buildjs and JsDuck https://github.com/senchalabs/jsduck (ruby gem)
  • kong.hx
    Strongly-typed access to the Kongregate API from Haxe.
  • kyototycoon
    Neko Library for KyotoTycoon Server.
  • layout
    Flexible system for fluid resizing layouts
  • LevelTools
    LevelTools is a library that provides easy loading of level files from DAME and Tiled (experimental). For DAME, it supports tilemaps, sprite layers, paths and links. It also provides extension methods for iterating tilemaps.
  • lhx
    Mathematical Data Structures
  • ListTools
    The ListTools class adds additional common list utility functions. Several different Lambda type operations are provided.
  • Lsys
    Functional Data Structures & L-System Generators
  • macro-tools
    A collection of macro utilities
  • macrotools
    Macro tools is a simple library that provides facilities for coding macros.
  • massload
    Flash files massLoader
  • mconsole
    A cross platform Haxe implementation of the WebKit console API supporting logging, debugging and profiling. Currently supports AVM2, JS, C++ and Neko.
  • mcore
    A collection of lightweight, platform independent utilities that simplify cross platform development in Haxe.
  • mcover
    A cross platform code coverage framework for Haxe with testing and profiling applications. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, C++, PHP and Neko.
  • mdata
    A cross platform data structure and collections library supporting all Haxe targets.
  • mdown
    A markdown library for haxe, aims to be cross platform. Use Markdown.convert(string); to get going.
  • memcached
    memcached library for haxe/neko.
  • mercury
    this lib is for use with the Mercury game engine * currently only CPP on win32 is supported, iPhone in progress TODO: * implement Android target * image-based fonts * content source - Que additional URL IN PROGRESS: * implement iPhone target * BUG - load multiple content sources from FILE and HTTP COMPLETED: * Font class is an image-based font class with JSON metadata input * support previous mercury engine classes (entity, pathfinding, etc) * content source HTTP is asynchronous * content source from HTTP and FILE
  • MicroTime
    Neko more accurate version of the Date.now().
  • minject
    A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 SwiftSuspenders IOC library with efficient macro enhanced type reflection. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mlc-1
    MLC, pronounced "milk", stands for Mighty Little Console. It is a lightweight Quake-like console library, currently specialised in the AVM2 target.
  • mlib
    Lightweight framework for implementing command line driven haxelib (and neko) tools, and for automating the packaging/management of Haxelib libraries.
  • mloader
    A cross platform Haxe library for loading resources with utilities for queueing and caching requests. Supports AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mms_layout
    Static class to layout elements
  • mmvc
    A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 RobotLegs MVC framework with signals and Haxe refinements. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mockatoo
    Mockatoo is a Haxe library for mock creation, verification and stubbing.
  • modernizr
    Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites. Example code can be found at the project URL.
  • monax
    Monax provide a macro to create optimizing Monads and their syntactic sugar
  • mongodb
    MongoDB driver for Haxe
  • mpartial
    A Haxe macro library for working with Partials. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • msgpack-haxe
    MessagePack (http://msgpack.org) for HaXe
  • msignal
    A Haxe port of the ActionScript 3 Signals library that leverages Haxe type parameters. Supports AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.
  • mtwin
    Motion-Twin public Haxe libraries contains many tools which make webdevelopers life easier.
  • munit
    A cross platform unit testing framework for Haxe with metadata test markup and tools for generating, compiling and running tests from the command line.
  • myproject
    This project is an example of an haxelib project
  • nape
    Nape 2D Physics engine
  • nape-hacks
    Hacky (but stable) additional features for Nape.
  • nape-symbolic
    Symbolic algebra utility for runtime defined constraints in Nape
  • neash
    Neash (NEko/flASH) is a cross platform library designed to allow the same code to run on both the flash VM and the neko VM. It implements the flash9 API to making porting from existing flash code trivial.
  • NekoCurl
    This project no more supported. Please, use hxCurl (http://lib.haxe.org/p/hxCurl) instead.
  • nekoldap
    Neko and haxe wrapper for OpenLDAP library
  • nekoserver
    The project aims to provide implementation of various servers under Neko VM. The incomplete list consists of HTTP, AMF/HTTP, haXe remoting/HTTP, RTMP and other servers.
  • neuquant
    A haxe implementation of NEUQUANT Neural-Net quantization algorithm by Anthony Dekker, 1994
  • nGame
    nGame is an Allegro wrapper for the haXe and Neko platforms.
  • ngate
    Native Gateway is a series of macro scripts and tools that adds facilities to communicate and interface with native code, either via neko/hxcpp cffi or even by linking directly to dlls, without needing any external glue code.
  • nMagick
    nMagick is an ImageMagick wrapper for the haXe and Neko platforms, providing unsurpassed image manipulation capabilities.
  • nme
    NME provides an API that is similar to Flash, but available for C++ or Neko. Using the NME command-line tools, you can publish a single application for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, webOS, Flash and HTML5. C++ targets require HXCPP, and HTML5 requires Jeash.
  • nme-opus
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.
  • nme-tiled
    nme-tiled is a library, which gives NME developers the possibility to use the TILED Map Editor.
  • nme-vfs
    NME haxe library that abstracts file system access / file reading from different sources.
  • nme-webm
    NME haxe extensions for decoding webm videos (mkv+vp8+vorbis).
  • nme-webp
    NME haxe extensions for decoding and encoding webp 0.2.1 images (lossy, lossless and alpha support).
  • nmedev
    Supporting headers and binaries to make it simpler to work with NME from the source
  • nmex
    NME extensions for IOS/Android including AdMob, Game Center, Google Analytics and more.
  • nodbc
    nODBC is an ODBC driver for the haXe and Neko platforms, supported by Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • nodejs
    Node.js Type Signatures
  • nodejs-mongo
    MongoDB Node.js externs and object store to add, index, and retrieve Haxe objects.
  • nodejs-redis
    Redis Node.js externs and object store to add, index, and retrieve Haxe objects.
  • nodejs-std
    Obsolete. Use nodejs_std instead. Notice the underscore.
  • nodejs_externs
    A collection of Node.js externs: Connect, EveryAuth, Forever, Mime, UserAgent, V8Profiler, Websockets (Socket.io and WebSocket-Node)
  • nodejs_std
    std.io, Http, and sys library for node.js
  • nPostgres
    nPostgres is a PostgreSQL adapter for the haXe and Neko platforms, providing full SPOD capabilities.
  • npure
    nPure provides an interface script which more or less duplicates the Neko CFFI in PureBasic, so that developers can create cross platform ndll libraries using the PureBasic language
  • nscript
    A fully functional hscript compiler that targets neko code. Intended only for long-run or computationally-heavy scripts due to the large [nekoc]/[neko] overhead
  • nYAML
    nYAML is a YAML decoding and encoding library for the nekoVM / haXe.
  • ogl
    hxcpp bindings to OpenGL v3
  • opengl
    neko/haXe binding for OpenGL, GLU and freeglut
  • openvg
    neko/haXe binding for OpenVG/ShivaVG
  • orm
    Object-relational mapping library. Can generate classes from database tables. MySQL and SqlLite are supported for now.
  • Parsex
    General Parser API providing Packrat Parsers combinators and a Monadic support (requiers monax)
  • partials
    partials is a macro-based partial class implementation for haxe. More information on site
  • particling
    The pupose of this project is to make several particles in screen. We can add force to handle them. :D
  • pascal4neko
    with pascal4neko you can write neko .ndlls in object pascal (freepascal or delphi), or to embedd neko modules in pascal.
  • PBKDF2
    Haxe implementation of the PBKDF2 Algorithm for password hashing
  • pdiff-hx
    PerceptualDiff is an image comparison utility that makes use of a computational model of the human visual system to compare two images. This work is an adaptation of the original Perceptual Image Diff C++ comparison utility written by Hector Yee, for the haXe programming language. The implementation is completely cross-target, and can be deployed on all of haXe's output languages.
  • phantomjs
    Haxe externs for phantomjs
  • PhpCurl
    HaXe binding for the curl php library.
  • physaxe
    A 2D Rigid Body Physics Library optimized for Flash9
  • plotex
    cross-platform drawing api
  • poko
    Mini-Framework & CMS for haxe websites. download the release. check the googlecode for latest updates.
  • poly2trihx
    poly2trihx is an Haxe port of the poly2tri library, an excellent Delaunay triangulation library, which supports constrained edges and holes.
  • polygonal
    Includes all polygonal libraries
  • polygonal-core
    core library used by other polygonal libraries
  • polygonal-ds
    data structures for games
  • polygonal-gl
    polygonal graphics library
  • polygonal-motor
    motor 2d physics & computational geometry
  • polygonal-ui
    polygonal user interface library
  • PolymorphFunction
    Polymorph function
  • pony
    HaXe cross-library
  • promhx
    Promhx is a promise library for Haxe. Promises contain values that are not immediately available. However, you can specify callback functions that will trigger when the values do become available.
  • protein
    Protein provides the bindings necessary to develop cross-platform applications using a single environment, but deployed across NME, Jeash and Flash. It also provides helpful command-line tools.
  • protoc-gen-as3
    Protocol Buffers plugin for Flash platform
  • protohx
    Crossplatform implementation of "Google's Protocol Buffers" for haxe. https://code.google.com/p/protobuf/
  • pushstate
    A basic JS library for using PushState to update the browser address bar without doing a full page reload. Currently depends on jQuery.
  • pv3d_haxe
    Just packaged up the work of http://hi.baidu.com/actionscript3/blog/item/880cf52444c231328644f977.html I'm not the original author or even the maintainer... Wraps papervision (pv3d) for use with haxe. Viva la revolution!
  • radpdf
    radPDF is a compatible transcription of FPDF library written in PHP. It uses haXe/neko compiler to generate .PDF files on desktop.
  • random
    Shortcuts to generate random floats, ints, bools or pick random items from an array.
  • raphaelExtern
    Extern file for Raphael(http://raphaeljs.com/), a JS vector graphic library.
  • RecursiveClassPath
    Macro utility to recursively add folders to the classpath list.
  • reliableUdp
    Reliable UDP sockets and neko server extensions
  • remote-control
    Add support for remote control input
  • remoting
    Asynchronous remoting and serialization tools for web services and websockets.
  • repack
    Repack is a library/tool for doing rectangle/texture/sprite packing using MAXRECT algorithm
  • robothaxe
    RobotHaxe is a port of the AS3 RobotLegs framework.
  • robothaxe-utilities-Modular
    A small utility to facilitate communication between multiple robothaxe contexts. (port of robotlegs Modular utility)
  • robothaxe-utilities-StateMachine
    Finite state machine for robothaxe (port of robotlegs StateMachine utility)
  • rockethaxe
    A simple game library built over NME.
  • rox-hxquery
    JQuery-like CSS Selectors engine for quick visit any tree structure
  • rox-i18n
    Macro driven internationalization/localization toolkit for Haxe.
  • rygal
    A free open source engine for games using haXe and NME.
  • sambuild
    Template project and scripts for Flash projects using SamHaXe
  • sandy
    Sandy is a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly 3D open-source library.
  • scripting
    Scripting is a neko extension providing Lua and Python bindings
  • scuts
    Scuts - Haxe Extension Library
  • sdl
    Haxe SDL is a lightweight game/media library based on SDL with implementations on HTML5 and flash.
  • selecthx
    Type-safe CSS selector engine for haXe
  • selecthxml
    Allows type-safe CSS-style selection on Xml objects.
  • semver
    A Haxe port of the Node SemVer library.
  • senchatouch
    Provides support for Sencha Touch 2 in Javascript applications
  • Session
    Basic web sessions support for neko platform with common (php/neko) proxy class. Based on Andreas Soderlund's code.
  • singleton
    Easy singleton classes
  • slf4hx
    haXe port of SLF4AS, an open source logging framework.
  • spaceport
    Externs and tools for Spaceport.io
  • spodadmin
    Database Admin interface for Spod Macros
  • spritesheet
    Spritesheet is a useful and flexible sprite sheet library compatible with NME
  • sqlite
    Provides SQLite capabilities for C++ targets
  • st2-hx
    Provides support for Sencha Touch 2 in Javascript applications
  • starling
    Starling is an abstraction layer over Stage3D in order to accelerate performance of Flash 2D projects.
  • StatTools
    The StatTools class adds additional simple statistical routines for Float/Int based Iterables.
  • stdlib
    Standard library improvements: exceptions, string triming with a trimed chars specified, min/max for integers and so on.
  • structs
    Structs is a library to work with arrays of c-like unboxed structures. It's an optimization and compatibility library, so it's made to achieve the best performance as possible on its platforms while also being able to create structures interoperable with native C code. On Flash9, it uses flash's Memory API. Also it is intended to make the own "boxed" structures (classes) to work in an optimized way when necessary.
  • stx-core
    Stx-core is a small, highly useful set of functional programming classes for a clean, composable style. Includes tools for working with Arrays and Iterables, Options (safe null values), Eithers (choice) , Futures and Promises (deferred computations), function composition, dependency injection, structured log filtering, comparisons and equalities, and Tuples. Included is a fast macro for short lambda syntax.
  • svg
    Provides support for parsing and rendering SVG content
  • swf
    Provides support for parsing and rendering SWF content
  • SWFAddress
    SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash. It's a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state... ( http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ )
  • swfupload
    Javscript/Flash SWF Multiple File Uploader
  • swhx
    Screenweaver haXe enables the creation of Flash interfaced desktop applications using haXe
  • systools
    A cross-platform extension to the Neko VM for accessing system APIs
  • task
    Use the Task and TaskList API to simplify asynchronous tasks
  • temperate
    Simple customizable GUI for flashplayer9+. Includes cursors and tooltips separated systems
  • templo
    Advanced Template System for haXe
  • testflight
    TestFlight API for NME
  • TextTable
    Simple plaintext (ASCII art-like) table formatting. It can wrap tables that are too wide.
  • three.js
    Externs for three.js
  • thx
    General purpose library
  • tilelayer
    Lightweight wrapper over NME's powerful but lowlevel 'drawTiles', with bitmap-based fallback for Flash/JS. Includes a Sparrow spritesheets parser supporting animations and trimming.
  • tink_collections
    Cross-platform collection library.
  • tink_core
    A core set of utilities.
  • tink_lang
    Syntactic sugar bowl.
  • tink_macros
    A set of macrotools.
  • tink_markup
    An EDSL for creation of HTML/XML.
  • tink_native
    A set of target-specific utilities.
  • tink_properties
    A cross platform implementation for property reflection
  • tink_reactive
    A framework for reactive programming.
  • titanium-api
    A set of extern classes for Haxe that wrap the Titanium API (http://developer.appcelerator.com/).
  • titaniumdesktop
    Haxe extern classes for http://www.appcelerator.com/ Titanium Desktop. Please report any issues at https://github.com/skial/haXe-titanium-desktop
  • tjson
    Tolerant JSON parser and encoder. Unserializes and serializes JSON data, but without all the strictness of standard JSON parsers. Supports multi and single-line comments, keys without quotes, and single quotes.
  • tmmlib
    Mechanisms visualization engine 1.0
  • tmx
    A parser for maps generated using Tiled Map Editor (http://www.mapeditor.org/).
  • tora
    A multithreaded Neko application server
  • tracker
    personal metrics tracking tool
  • transition9
    A collection of tools used for other projects.
  • tsunami
    HaXe/Javascript framework for website navigation without page reloading
  • TweenerHX
    Tweener is a powerful tweening Class for Flash ActionScript by Zeh Fernando. You can tween almost any numeric value of an object via code. Thanks to conditional compiling, Tweener for haXe is available for AS2, AS3 and JS in a single package.
  • TweenMaxHaxeJS
    TweenMax Haxe JS is an extern for TweenLite, TweenMax, TimeLineLite and TimeLineMax by Greensock
  • twister
    An implementation of the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator for haXe
  • ufront
    MVC Framework for server-side development
  • umock
    A mocking framework for haXe, inspired by Moq.
  • underscore.hx
    ported to haxe by M.Paraiso contact : mparaiso@online.fr . https://github.com/Mparaiso/Underscore.hx A set of utility functions inspired by Jeremy Ashkenas Underscore.js : http://documentcloud.github.com/underscore
  • uniflash
    haXe library to compile F9 code to F8/F7
  • unity-web
    Toolkit for web applications and pages to integrate with the ubuntu desktop
  • unity3d
    HaXe Unity3d target
  • unject
    A dependency injection library for haXe, inspired by Ninject.
  • userscript
    Macros for writing (GreaseMonkey) userscripts.
  • utest
    Unit Testing System for haXe
  • VectorSpace
    This project contains some classes to work with Vectors.
  • waxe
    The waxe project allows haxe to access the wxWidgets library via the neko or c++ targets. The combination of functional and object-oriented aspects of the haxe language make this a very natural fit.
  • WebSocket
    HTML5 websocket support for neko/php/js.
  • WebTester
    Tool to help you find long-time requests on your site.
  • xapi
    XAPI (Ximple API) is a high level API for haXe backends (Neko, PHP, C++). It's meant to simplify daily tasks and also extend the official API.
  • xcross
    xCross is a package to cross-build zero-depencency haXe applications
  • xfl
    Provides support for parsing and rendering XFL content
  • xilib
    Tool to manage external libraries (DLL) at runtime for flash9 applications including plugin and light IOC system.
  • xinf
    xinf is not flash: cross-runtime, cross-platform graphics.
  • xinfinity-support
    helper libraries for Xinfinity
  • xirsys_cube
    A loose port of the RobotLegs MVC framework. Has a number of differences, so check the readme file.
  • xirsys_injector
    An injection library used by the Cube MVC framework. Check the readme file for more information.
  • xirsys_stdjs
    Standard JavaScript ECMAScript v5 Type Definitions for HaXe
  • xml-tools
    This library is deprecated, please use xmlTools
  • xmltest
    This project provides substitue Xml classes for testing purposes
  • xmlTools
    A set of XML tools built on top of the cross-platform Xml class.
  • xpages
    XPML compiler and XPages framework
  • xpath
    Implementation of XPath for haXe
  • xreflect
    Create arbitrary objects at runtime with a haXe-specific DSL
  • xspf
    XSPF is the XML format for sharing playlists.
  • xsxa
    XSXA - The Extremely Simple XML API
  • yaml
    A cross platform YAML 1.2 parser and renderer for Haxe.
  • yoga
    Yoga aims to be a tool like maven with at first the functionality of dependency management and project setup.
  • zajac
    UI farmework with basic set of components. Skins consist of vector graphics. Component style can be applied using CSS.
  • zpartanlite
    Simple - 'zpartan', lite - 'small', library for general haXe and as3, includes 'DispatchTo', and 'Page'