Haxe Library Manager

A modular, open-source and cross-platform adventure

Haxelib is the easiest way to find libraries and code for your Haxe project - and the best place you can share your code with others in the Haxe ecosystem. Haxelib is the package manager for the Haxe Toolkit.

Recently updated

0.14.0: General overhaul.

lime: A foundational Haxe framework for cross-platform development
6.0.1: Minor installation fix

tink_macro: The macro toolkit ;)
0.16.0: Support artificial scopes when typing. Expose more BuildCache logic. Further improve Type -> ComplexType transformation.

modular: Haxe-JS code-splitting and hot-reload for modular applications
0.9.3: See https://github.com/elsassph/haxe-modular

haxe-loader: Haxe loader for webpack
0.7.0: See RELEASES.md

haxegon: A tiny Haxe programming library for beginners. Powered by OpenFL and Starling.
0.11.0: Work in progress, getting more and more stable! See http://www.haxegon.com for documentation and examples, or track the project's development on github: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/haxegon.

modular: Haxe-JS code-splitting and hot-reload for modular applications
0.9.2: See https://github.com/elsassph/haxe-modular

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Many libraries are just one haxelib install away. This example demonstrates some of all haxelib commands.

haxelib install actuate                    # Install `actuate` library
haxelib install actuate 1.8.1              # Install a specific version
haxe -lib actuate -main Test -js test.js   # Use `actuate` library in your Haxe build

haxelib list                               # List all of your installed libraries
haxelib list openfl                        # List your installed libraries that have "openfl" in the name

haxelib install actuate.zip                # Install a library from a zip file
haxelib install test.hxml                  # Install all the libs listed in a hxml
haxelib install all                        # Install all the libs in the hxml files in the current directory

haxelib submit actuate.zip                 # Use Haxelib to share your library with others!

All libraries are free

Every month, more than thousand developers use haxelib to find, share, and reuse code — and assemble it in powerful new ways. Enjoy Haxe; It is great!

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