Haxelib is the easiest way to find libraries and code for your Haxe project - and the best place you can share your code with others in the Haxe ecosystem. Haxelib is the package manager for the Haxe Toolkit.

haxelib install actuate                       # Install `actuate` library
haxelib install actuate 1.8.1                 # Install a specific version
haxe -lib actuate -main Test -js test.js      # Use `actuate` library in your Haxe build

haxelib list                                  # List all of your installed libraries
haxelib list openfl                           # List your installed libraries that have "openfl" in the name

haxelib install actuate.zip                   # Install a library from a zip file
haxelib install test.hxml                     # Install all the libs listed in a hxml
haxelib install all                           # Install all the libs in the hxml files in the current directory

haxelib submit actuate.zip                    # Use Haxelib to share your library with others!

Recently Updated

stablexui: StablexUI is a crossplatform UI engine.
1.1.5: Fixes for html5 and OpenFL 3.1

express: Express types for Haxe
0.3.0: More middleware.

npm: NPM types for Haxe
0.4.0: More and more NPM definitions.

utest: Unit Testing for Haxe
1.3.5: Minor message improvement.

flixel: HaxeFlixel is a 2D game framework based on OpenFL that delivers cross-platform games.
3.3.10: Fix HTML5 compilation with OpenFL 3.1.1 / Lime 2.4.5.

haxelow: A small, flat JSON database library.
0.6.0: Moved some types to their own module. Renamed Disk to HaxeLowDisk.

haxework: Framework.
0.2.0: ViewBuilder.

dataclass: A more convenient way to instantiate data classes.
0.10.0: Added auto-detection of delimiter.

lime: A flexible lightweight layer for Haxe cross-platform developers
2.4.5: New typed array implementation, gamepad and touch improvements

swf: Provides support for parsing and displaying SWF content
1.8.9: Improvements to font leading