Haxelib is the easiest way to find libraries and code for your Haxe project - and the best place you can share your code with others in the Haxe ecosystem. Haxelib is the package manager for the Haxe Toolkit.

haxelib install actuate                       # Install `actuate` library
haxelib install actuate 1.8.1                 # Install a specific version
haxe -lib actuate -main Test -js test.js      # Use `actuate` library in your Haxe build

haxelib list                                  # List all of your installed libraries
haxelib list openfl                           # List your installed libraries that have "openfl" in the name

haxelib install actuate.zip                   # Install a library from a zip file
haxelib install test.hxml                     # Install all the libs listed in a hxml
haxelib install all                           # Install all the libs in the hxml files in the current directory

haxelib submit actuate.zip                    # Use Haxelib to share your library with others!

Recently Updated

hxmlinstall: Git hosted haxe libraries made easy
0.0.5:macro and handling multiple hxmls

hxmlinstall: Git hosted haxe libraries made easy
0.0.4:upref command, optionaly specify hxml and/or lib to process

jwt: A JSON Web Token library for native Haxe.
1.3.0:Allow unverified data to be decoded




pixijs: Externs of pixi.js v4.x for Haxe - JavaScript 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback.
4.5.5:updated spine externs by @modjke

jstack: Friendly stack traces for JS and PHP7 targets. Makes them point to haxe sources.
2.3.5:Fixed leaking platform-specific code into macro context.

waud: Web Audio Library
0.9.13:bug fixes

haxe-loader: Haxe loader for webpack
0.2.1:Hotfix for relative paths on Windows.