Haxelib is the easiest way to find libraries and code for your Haxe project - and the best place you can share your code with others in the Haxe ecosystem. Haxelib is the package manager for the Haxe Toolkit.

haxelib install actuate                       # Install `actuate` library
haxelib install actuate 1.8.1                 # Install a specific version
haxe -lib actuate -main Test -js test.js      # Use `actuate` library in your Haxe build

haxelib list                                  # List all of your installed libraries
haxelib list openfl                           # List your installed libraries that have "openfl" in the name

haxelib install actuate.zip                   # Install a library from a zip file
haxelib install test.hxml                     # Install all the libs listed in a hxml
haxelib install all                           # Install all the libs in the hxml files in the current directory

haxelib submit actuate.zip                    # Use Haxelib to share your library with others!

Recently Updated

waud: Web Audio Library
0.6.6: onProgress callback updates

aws-sdk-neko: Neko binding to the AWS C++ SDK.
0.1.0: Initial API for uploading files to S3.

luce: Luce is minimal drawing library
0.8.3: Cleanup

waud: Web Audio Library
0.6.5: added onProgress callback to WaudBase64Pack class

haxe-ws: WebSockets everywhere! Including javascript, flash and sys targets.
0.1.0: Handshake header adjustments + forward missing debug parameter + handle js.html.Blob message and pass it to onmessageBytes()

jsfl: Externs for the Flash jsfl API. This is improved version of the original plefferts's library (http://lib.haxe.org/legacy/p/jsfl).
1.2.4: Frame.isEmpty fix (by slavara).

dataclass: A more convenient way to instantiate data classes.
0.21.3: Now follows converted types properly.

exceljs-hx: Haxe externs for ExcelJs (nodejs)
0.14.0: Update class from js code

nanotest: NanoTest is a light weight test library. Its interface is similar to the haxe.unit testing framework, but it can run as pre-compilation macro and can output test failures as compiler warnings or errors.
1.0.1: support haxe 3.3.0 RC1

exceljs-hx: Haxe externs for ExcelJs (nodejs)
0.8.1: Fix alignment